Facebook Etiquette for Network Marketers

Facebook Marketing can be a wonderful way of getting leads. First here is look at Facebook Marketing etiquette.

Facebook Marketing Etiquette

1) Send a message to people when you friend them. You may think they know you, but what if they have forgotten you?

2) Always message people when you friend them. Yes, it’s that important.

3) Do not put your opportunity or affiliate links on someone else’s wall. This is a great way to make people mad and block you.

4) Don’t put your links in your let’s be friend message. I know most people will not friend you if you do.

5) Remember Facebook is like a party. Would you like it if someone at a party walked up to you and told you to join their business? And if you would, don’t do it to someone else. It’s weird and you give Network Marketing a bad name.

Develop Relationships.

Be genuinely interested and get to know people.  Share things about yourself.  If an opportunity presents itself, ask the person if they would like info. Don’t give them a link! It turns people off. Ask if they’d like one.

Help people out. If someone has a question you can answer, answer it.

Join Groups on Facebook.  But please don’t just put opportunity or affiliate links in them. Share content. Most people will ignore links or opportunities randomly thrown into the content.  Be yourself, and wait for opportunities to present themselves.

More later.




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